Software Reliability and Security: science and engineering.

"Better practice comes from good theories."

Kurt Lewin

RELEASE is a research laboratory from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering / University of Beira Interior (lab 6.25), with scientific affiliation to NOVA-LINCS.


  • September 19, 2019
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Our focus

Computer Systems Reliability

Deductive Program Verification, Formal Methods, Formal Specification and Verification, Proof Carrying Code, Formal Software Development, Applications to Safety Critical Systems (avionics, aerospace industry, medical systems, railways and public transport industry).

Computer Systems Security

Software Security, Language based Security, Blockchain, (verifiable) smart contract for Blockchain, Mobile Code Security, Smart Cards, Applied Cryptography, CyberSecurity, Integrating Biometry with Strong Cryptography, Security in Cloud and Ubiquitous Computing.

Computer Aided Reasoning

Program Logic, Automatic Demonstration, Proof Assistants, Computational Logic, Application to Computer Science.

Programming Languages Design and Semantics

Type Systems, Operational Semantics, Functional Programming, (Static) Program Analysis, Compiler Design and Construction, Program Transformations.

Current Research Projects


Learn Foundations of Computer Science Using OCaml

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A Deductive verIfication frAmework for higher-orDEr prograMs

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Formal Verification of Tezos Smart Contracts

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Fintech, CyberSecurity and Big Data technologies for regional entrepreneurship. 2019-2020. Funded by the POCTEP program of INTERREG/FEDER.

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A Functional Programming Approach to Teaching Portuguese Foundational Computing Courses

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Cloud Computing Competence Centre

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The RELEASE Group is looking for motivated and brilliant students willing to perform outstanding research work. Students interested in performing research work within a post-doctoral program, a PhD program, a MSc program, or within a R&D Project, please drop by the RELEASE lab (6.25) or contact us.